The Hart Hall Podcast is a that sets out to highlight the faculty, staff, and guests of the University of California Davis's Ethnic and Gender/Sexuality Studies Departments housed in Hart Hall Interdisciplinary Programs.

The show is hosted by HIP's Daniel Cordova.

07 - Professor Sunaina Maira

Professor Sunaina Maira from UCD's Asian American Studies Department and I discuss Palestinian hip hop, teaching during lockdown, how her research on Palestine and 9/11 continues to be relevant, and her upcoming presentation Digital Storytelling in a Time Of Crisis: Migration, War, and Pandemic. This is an in-person event which shares the stories of Yemeni and Arab American in Oakland working during the pandemic. 

05 - Assistant Professor Lorena V. Márquez

Assistant Professor Lorena V. Márquez from UCD's Chicano/a/x Studies Department and I discuss her new book La Gente: Struggles for Empowerment and Community Self-Determination in Sacramento, how it came to be, surprising things she learned writing it, as well as her love of the Sacramento region, her upbringing, and more. Order La Gente.

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04 - Professor Monica Torreiro-Casal

Professor Monica Torreiro-Casal from UCD's Chicano/a/x Studies Department and I discuss growing up in Spain, international psychology work and how it got her to Chi Studies at UC Davis, adapting to working from home in 2020, and more.

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03 - Aggie Compass

This episode is a bit different in that I chat with Eduardo and Howard from Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center. We discuss these programs, how they got involved with them, and how students in need can benefit from their services.

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01 - Professor Beth Rose Middleton

Professor Beth Rose Middleton from UCD's Native American Studies discusses her work with Cultural Burnings, blending environmental sciences and cultural studies, getting to UC Davis, and more.

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